Board Portal Security


Theoretical study of board portal security issues and their practical implementation for a long time lagged behind the level of development of the software industry.

The Most Effective Board Portal Security

It may not even be about the theft of valuable information. It is enough just to block access to an important information resource by any means for a sufficiently long time. Ensuring the security of information in the network is the ability of the CS to protect information from accidental or deliberate influences, various types of breakdowns, and failures in the system that damage the infrastructure of the CS. At the end of the last century, attention began to be paid to information security issues. In our time, the first models of information protection for the highest authorities and powerful commercial structures have appeared.

Therefore, board portal security from unauthorized access, from unauthorized modification, or simply from their destruction is one of the priority tasks in the design of any information system. This problem (the problem of data protection) covers both the physical protection of data and system programs, as well as protection against unauthorized access to data transmitted over communication lines and located on drives, which is the result of the activities of both unauthorized persons and special programs of viruses. If we take into account that the core of the information system is the DBMS.

Data in board portal security is concentrated in a physically local and small volume (for example, on a microSD type flashcard) huge amounts of information, unauthorized access to which or its destruction can sometimes lead to catastrophic consequences and damage. The ability to quickly (and in some cases even without traces) copy, modify or delete huge amounts of data in computer form, including remotely located ones, additionally provokes intruders into unauthorized access to information, its modification, or destruction.

The value of board portal security is determined by ensuring the possibility of achieving the goal set for the recipient, i.e. the value of information is determined by the degree of its usefulness for the owner (provides certain advantages). True or reliable information is information that reflects objects and processes of the surrounding world with sufficient accuracy for the owner.

What Should the Board Portal Security Director Do?

  1. The inclusion of a representative of minority shareholders in the Board is a good opportunity to establish a constructive and convenient dialogue with minority shareholders on the ways of the company’s development, dividend policy, share buyback opportunities, and other issues of constant interest to minority shareholders. Thus, issues relevant to minority shareholders will be resolved in a more routine, predictable way, and not in a rush mode at the general meeting of shareholders.
  2. It makes sense in advance, before the general meeting, to agree with the minority shareholders the possibility of nominating a candidate and the possibility of supporting this candidate by the majority shareholder. With minority shareholders, it is possible and necessary to discuss in advance the position of such a candidate on the most important issues of the company’s activities. This will make it possible to nominate a candidate for the Council that suits all interested parties.
  3. Constructive dialogue with minority shareholders may lead to the fact that they vote for the candidate proposed by the company and/or the majority shareholder, making sure that such a candidate is independent and able to take into account the interests of all groups of shareholders.